{Blastocaulon (Eriocaulaceae), a synonym of Paepalanthus: Morphological and molecular evidence}

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Andrade, M. J. G. D., Giulietti, A. M., Harley, R. M., van den Berg C.
Keywords:bisporangiate, blastocaulon, paepalanthus, taxonomy, tetrasporangiate

Generic circumscription in Eriocaulaceae has been based primarily on one to few floral characters and phylo- genetic relationships within the family have only recently been explored in detail. Here, we present a morphological and phylogenetic study of Blastocaulon and Paepalanthus ser. Leptocephali, based on individual and combined datasets of the psbA-trnH plastid region and nuclear ITS. All results rejected the monophyly of Blastocaulon. Based on results and previ- ous analyses, we propose the synonymization of Blastocaulon under Paepalanthus, the only morphological distinction between the two genera being the number of pollen-sacs. Reduction of pollen-sac number has occurred more than once in the evolution of Eriocaulaceae.

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